Baby Ballet

Baby ballet classes introduce children to dance through imagination and storytelling.With the help of props and enchanting music children are able to develop basic ballet skills in a fun and nurturing environment. (Ages 3 ½ plus)


Pre-Primary and Primary

These classes teach children the basics of classical ballet, establishing posture, co-ordination, balance and stamina. Children also begin to understand performance, dynamics and musicality through an inspiring array of exercises set to music sure to capture young imaginations.(Ages 4-6)


Grades One-Eight

The Grades provide children witha structured syllabus to follow which establish fully classical ballet technique, performance and musicality. The children are taught in a structured, fun and supportive environment. There is a steady progression through the grades which challenges the students as they  grow from children into teenagers and young adults. Children may take examinations if they wish or purely dance for the enjoyment. We are happy to support you which ever you decide.(Ages 7 plus)


Vocational Classes

Vocational classes are aimed at students who wish to pursue a career as a professional dancer or teacher. The syllabi are very structured and have a higher expectation of students to the graded examinations. Classical ballet technique, performance and musicality are trained to a professional level and classes are taught more strictly to equip students with skills they will need to enter the world of dance. Pointe work is compulsory for these classes.